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Our aims and purpose of teaching the PE curriculum in our Primary Schools.

Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their

capacity when the body is healthy and strong.

- John F Kennedy -

Tollo Sports Academy's purpose is to make sure that; the delivery of PE in our Schools is to a level where no child goes un-noticedAll children will have an opportunity to be challenged and develop within a physical education environment - no matter what their ability in any given topic. We aim to make physical activity relevant, fun and engaging for every child, whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping to support the technical development of physical skills.


Our PE specialists will provide schools with;


  • Support in following the expectations of the national curriculum

  • A set and unique lesson structure that is easily followed along with a relevant scheme of work, and that allows all staff to feel confident in the progression of their lessons – weekly/termly/yearly.

  • An understanding of how to easily assess all pupils within each PE topic and how to differentiate lessons in PE to ensure all ability levels can be challenged when needed. 

  • CPD opportunities to allow teaching staff to develop their subject knowledge, coaching style and confidence in teaching fun filled enriching physical activities. 

  • Continued Extra Curricular support for any child who wants to nurture their skills, or continue their learning in PE related activities. 

  • Active play opportunities during lunch times. 

  • Competition and fixtures that are used as a platform to promote healthy living and stimulate interest in a sport. 

  • Daily interventions for selected children who need support in not only their confidence but their development in a variety of gross motor skills. Tollo Sports Academy will help to develop the childrens’ coordination, balance, core strength and flexibility as well as their ability to work with others. They can provide sensory and athletic circuits for these selected children to help monitor their physical and social development before each class day begins. 


Tollo have a number of coaches and they have all been professional, friendly and have formed excellent relationships with pupils at our school.

They have organised and run Multisports Activity Camps running throughout the school holidays, which have proved to be really popular with our school population.

We have been really pleased with the work that Tollo has done within our school and would not hesitate to recommend them to any school.

Caroline Barriball

Co - Headteacher

St Peter's Primary School

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